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About Us
  I am a CLIA Certified Accredited Cruise Counselor.
  I Specialize in Cruises and Tours.
  I started my travel career with Continental Airlines with extensive training in New York and
  Houston Texas and worked for them in the Pittsburgh International Airport

. I also worked with Aircraft International in the towers at  
  Pittsburgh International Airport coordinating the fueling of the aircraft.

  I graduated from a local university as a travel agent and joined the franchise Cruise Planners. In recent  
  years, I switched to a better host agency to receive  the best pricing that I can offer my clients.

  Being in the best end of the business, I love making people happy by booking their vacations.   I have a  
  great and loyal clientele because I pay close attention to the details in trying  to make their vacations as  
  enjoyable and hassle free as possible.

  I received a nomination to be Godmother of The Liberty of the Seas with Royal Caribbean. I think they are a  
  great, innovative company.  I have been in the travel business since 1998 and very much enjoy what I do.
  I have two fantastic boys and four wonderful granddaughters.
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